Why People Hate Pre-Roll, and 3 Other Reasons Ads Get Blocked


We hear lots of anxious chatter about ad blocker adoption and not nearly enough serious discussion of the underlying motivations. But understanding the consumer’s reasons are arguably the most important part of the issue, especially for marketers.

Our new guide, “Why People Block Ads,” takes an inquisitive perspective on the issue and lays out data-driven recommendations about formats and much more. Here are a few reasons why people block ads:

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Pre-roll: Video advertising at its most intrusive
According to our study of 1,500 U.S. consumers, 55 percent of them who have ad blockers installed rated pre-roll as the most intrusive video format. Native was perceived as less intrusive at 25 percent, so it’s pretty clear that pre-roll is in a despised class of its own.

Forced formats are not your friend
Fifty-two percent of desktop users and 54 percent of mobile users ranked interstitial ads formats as the most intrusive. In other words, ditch the large, interruptive formats—they’re neither effective nor appreciated.

When site performance suffers, people notice
When asked about their motivations for installing ad blockers, 64 percent of people said they made the decision because ads were affecting site loading time and interactivity. Solution: Don’t serve ads that weigh everything down.

Users take their privacy seriously
Fifty-four percent of respondents stated privacy concerns as the reason they installed ad blockers on their devices. Creating ads that are—and look—trustworthy, as well as instating frequency caps, should be prioritized when developing a user-friendly distribution strategy.

These reasons only scratch the surface of the ad blocking issue. Get the full picture and start addressing it effectively with “Why People Block Ads.”

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