Weylandts partners with Moving Tactics to implement touch screen and audio solution


Weylandts, one of the country’s foremost luxury furniture manufacturers, has introduced in-store touch screens and an audio solution to round out the unique Weylandts shopping experience for their customers.

Teaming up with Moving Tactics, South Africa’s leading digital signage solutions company, Weylandts has installed a 55-inch touch screen and an in-store audio solution in each of their eight retail showrooms in South Africa. The touch screens allow customers to view all their products in one place and access a more detailed overview of each product if required. “The screen content is managed remotely by Moving Tactics from our offices in Cape Town, which allows any content to be changed immediately and consistently across all stores at the same time. We are also able to maintain software issues remotely and if any hardware issue arises, we have technicians around the country on call,” says Chris Day, Managing Director at Moving Tactics.

The in-store audio solution is also managed and maintained remotely by Moving Tactics and consists of unique music specifically selected by Weylandts itself; uploaded monthly and monitored to ensure that all stores are connected and playing the selection. Initially piloted in the Weylandts’ Green Point store, the audio solution was rolled out and completed in April 2017.

According to Tim Culley, Head of Marketing & Merchandising at Weylandts, “Introducing the touch screens has been an innovative way to communicate with our customers by more interactive means than using standard signage; and the audio solution has given us the ease of updating our very unique music playlists, across all stores, in an instance.

“Two things that have impressed me most about working with Moving Tactics has been their speed and after-sales service, so often neglected by other suppliers who install and run. As partners, we continue to work with them to monitor and discuss new relevant solutions as they arise”.