SA Teens Set To Disrupt Social Media Industry


Bounz – The app that sets your posts free!

Pretoria, Gauteng – 6 July 2018 – Bounz Media (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce its brand new social media platform. The team consisting of two 19-year-olds believe they have found a way to overcome the two biggest hurdles in social media today by allowing users to literally bounce interesting posts they have received by pulling them down and then having them sent onwards to all their followers. This process can continue indefinitely and allow the posts of people with a limited following to theoretically reach everyone on the platform.

The ability for posts to be shared is not a new concept but Bounz places emphasis on this and “gamifies” the experience through a fun, interactive bouncing motion which incentivises sharing. Furthermore Bounz has been designed for the sharing of creative graphical posts to strangers and for that purpose only. What this means is that everything on Bounz is public and should be posted with that intention. This is significant because it solves the privacy issues that current platforms are battling with by providing no privacy and making that clear to users.

Ishe Mabugu realised that most people are very creative and should not be limited to only being able to share posts with people that happen to follow them. Ishe had a brilliant idea to solve this problem with an app that allows posts to be bounced. Unfortunately Ishe is not a software developer and had to find a partner who could bring his idea to life. Ishe managed to get in contact with local coding prodigy, Gerhard de Clercq and the two have been working tirelessly for the past year to make Bounz a reality.

Gerhard has pulled off a miracle to single-handedly craft a working prototype and work on completing an engineering degree (for which he is still currently top of his class) but simply cannot find the time necessary to bring the app up to public release standards.

The team realised that they needed to find funding in order to complete their app but could not manage much success with regards to venture capital. As such, they are now looking to crowd funding in order to get their app completed. The belief here is that fans of the app should me more than willing to support it.

Their campaign is now live on Indiegogo at and includes an interesting YouTube video showcasing their prototype and explaining how the app works. They hope that the public will support them in their mission and wish to reiterate that any contribution, no matter how small, will make a big difference.