Putting Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Together


In recent years, increasing brand recognition and market power have found a new ally in the application of mobile marketing.Depending on your company size, resource allocation and profit goals, pulling a mobile marketing strategy together can have varying degrees of impact. Since the number of mobile device users who access the Internet while on the go continues to soar, astute business owners would be wise to take notice of this trend and respond with a smart marketing plan that infuses mobile marketing strategy with current website-based initiatives. Consider the following when pulling together a mobile marketing strategy of your own:

1. Review Your Marketing Goals

  • If you are already on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare or already have a strong website, use these forums to drive traffic to your mobile website.
  • Determine what you want your mobile website to say and then say it clearly with user friendly applications.
  • Be sure that the interaction a customer has on the mobile website is unique, creative and engaging.
  • Make sure it is clear how the mobile website offers something new, fresh and different than your traditional website.
  • Make sure your message is coherent and comes together with your larger marketing plan.

2. Improve Your Mobile Technology as Part of Your Mobile Strategy

  • Some re-design will be necessary to make an effective and responsive mobile media marketing product; consumers will ignore a clumsy site or worse yet customers may leave negative feedback for you out of frustration.
  • Hire a consultant if necessary to translate your marketing strategy into a competitive marketing tool for mobile media devices; be sure your mobile website works equally well on all platforms before you “go live.”
  • If you are going to use tablets or smartphone technology in your on-site customer service setting, be sure your associates are fully trained and confident in the medium before you involve the public.
  • Be sure you can track your progress and obtain reliable data about what is and is not working so that your strategy continues to support long range goals.

3. Savvy Mobile Strategies Blend Ingredients

Take the case study of Colgate-Palmolive with their novel integration of social media and mobile website utilization as one of many examples of how marketing strategies can blend for better brand recognition and increased sales. In their 2010 “Be More Kissable” campaign they used Facebook, Twitter, and other mobile device technology, as well as in store and email incentives to boost brand power. They set up a campaign to promote a mini disposable toothbrush and involved the college crowd by setting up video and photo contests as well as devised unique uses for Facebook. In the end, Colgate reported over 6 million total engagements in this innovative and successful campaign.

This campaign was successful because of the unique features it offered:

  • a creative, fun, and interactive approach to a quality product.
  • a perfect match to the target audience with communication that “talks” the language and meets the needs of consumers.
  • a channel for participation that meshes with other social media
  • a way to track progress which stimulates repeat interaction
  • a sustained challenge which brings consumers together through fun interactions
  • many ways to leave feedback

Devise Your Unique and Engaging Mobile Website

Launching a smart mobile marketing strategy using an integrated approach with regard to mobile technology and social media means taking the time to study your target audience, review your comprehensive marketing strategy, and devise a plan that is unique and engaging. Your current website should be evaluated for effectiveness on mobile devices if you are going to get maximum ROI.

Many items like your corporate history and headquarter developments may not be applicable to the mobile device user. However, offering GPS specific coupons, local promotions, contests, engaging game-like applications that promote the brand are all examples of how specific adjustments to your website might catch the attention of mobile device users.

In addition, the most effective mobile marketing strategies utilize as many social media platforms as possible to promote brand recognition and generate consumer engagement. While still rapidly developing, mobile marketing is a potent source of strong ROI and has proven that a well developed plan can help maintain the competitive edge and increase brand appeal and loyalty.