PayApp announces DigibanQ, the first digital-only bank in Africa, who needs branches?


PayApp has launched DigiBanQ, the first digital-only, digital currency bank, built on cutting edge mobile-first web technology, integrating seamlessly into the customers digital lives, both customers and merchants can register online or on a mobile device in 90 seconds without downloading anything.

PayApp DigibanQ offers everyday banking options via current and savings/deposits accounts, with the ability to be able to pay digitally direct from any internet enabled device, furthermore, customers will be able to make payments to anyone, anywhere, anytime simply by using a mobile number either on the web-app or via USSD.

With PayApp DigiBanQ there is no minimum balance requirement, no maintenance fees, and 0% transaction fees. A customer/Merchants account number is their mobile phone number, this is also used for customer authentication together with strict digital core infrastructure security, making the platform extremely secure.

Brian Dalton, founder of PayApp DigiBanQ, said: “The launch of DigiBank marks an important step in the evolution of the global digital currency market. DigiBanQ’s currency “Nuggets” has been developed to be highly stable in stark contrast to the volatility of both fiat and all other digital currencies. The differentiation is that Nuggets is designed as a transactional currency and not as a speculative currency.

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