Millennial are here to change how things are done


         Millennials are here to change how things are done


Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and in the early 2000’s. They are also known as the generation Y. some of the negative characteristics associated with millennials is being lazy, prone to jump from job to job. Some of their positive traits is they are risk-takers, follow what they are passionate about and have leadership skills. They are often criticized but they are not to be ignored.

In as much as people may feel that millennials are the lost generation that has a large number of friends but can’t seem to be able to stay in one relationship till they walk down the aisle. It’s actually the other way around. Off course they are different, with different perspectives. However, they are still the largest ground worldwide. They are the new trend setters when it comes to weddings, they know what they want and how to get it. Wedding planners are left with the responsibility of trying to find ways to market their businesses especially to this large group that embraces online business model. As a wedding planner do not let stereotype towards the y generation get in the way of making your business a success.

Millennial are here to change how things are done. With the new technological advancement, they expect everything at the tip of their fingers.  For millenials, Wedding planning involves getting a planner who will help organizing your big day. However, with this market, nothing should involve getting out of their comfortable space just to go and attend a meeting. Online wedding planners can take advantage of video meetings to try and meet the demands of millennials.   

Millennial are a social generation. As an online wedding planner it takes effort, research, creativity, and time to attract them. One of the too many ways to make a successful millennial wedding is understanding what social media means to them and be able to incorporate it to their special day. This can be done through live streaming, Facebook live, snapchat, and Instagram live.

In digital media and social media, presence is everything. Your Instagram account, blog and Facebook page needs to speak for you. Unlike the old times when people would get word of mouth referrals, people are now concerned about reviews. Before deciding on buying online, people check the reviews, leaving comments, complaints unattended to can set a bad impression.

Offer financial counselling. I have watched shows where wedding planners get carried away with all the expensive stuff and expecting the bride and bridegroom to pay. A good wedding planner needs to remind the couple that there are other things to spend on, honeymoon, travelling costs, paying off tuition fees while you were still at varsity. Online wedding planners need to help couples cut costs but still have their dream wedding. Still remember when Angelina Jolie’s wore the nicely decorated dress by her kids? The actual dress might have been expensive but the DIY details made the dress unique.

Pop up weddings? Cheap yes but do I just want to show up at my wedding? I don’t think so. The millennials find this as the new way of getting married and not overspending on anything. Pop up weddings are described as one day weddings that do not take months to plan with less spending’s. The difference between event wedding and pop up wedding is the number of guests and the rental value. According to intimate weddings, pop up weddings involves finding a cool venue, photographer, creative stylist and florist put together and coming with your dream wedding.

Being open minded and aware of what is happening in and around you as a wedding planner would be good for your business. With same marriages being legal in some countries, it is expected that there will be a lot of same sex marriages. Same sex marriage is not the only market that wedding planners need to be aware off. People with disabilities should also be considered.  As a wedding planner you need to be able to accommodate them without a hustle.

Millennials are the Uber generation, some don’t see the necessity of buying a car when they can just hop on to Uber without worrying about paying car insurance, petrol money or fixing something that is broken. What this means is, wedding planners have a responsibility of offering the bride and groom ways of getting their guests to the wedding venue without inconveniencing them. They can do this through offering their services to car rental services, by offering a package to the car services.

Budget weddings are a millennials’s best friend. No one wants to waste money on unnecessary things such as buying the most expensive cakes that will be eaten and forgotten the next day. This leads back to social media, Millennials would be going through social media to find businesses that make wedding cakes and catering at a reasonable price.

Retail experience. Millennials are probably going to spend more should they be given proper service. For example if they are at a clothing store they want more than what they came to buy, they want friendly assistance, suggestions. If you own a retail store you can help them by making suggestions such as which shoe would coordinate with the pair of socks and which suit would look best.

My dog is very close to my heart, so it getting an invitation to my wedding should not come as a surprise. Wedding venues are beyond a venue for the y generation. It’s a place where everything is personified, wedding planners need to offer variety of venues that allow pets.

Standing in front of the pastor with family and friends witnessing you exchange your vows has not changed when it comes to weddings. However, the fashion side of it has drastically changed.

I might not know when I will get married but I know a big white wedding gown with a veil will not be anywhere near me. Daring and elegance will be the order of the day. When people think of black wedding dresses they immediately think of “Goth” but it’s a new trend meant for people who do not play by the rules. Millennial are part of the “dare to be different generation”. Different wedding dresses are a must for the millennialls.  When it comes to wedding gowns off shoulder, high neck, short wedding gown, and sleeves will be the bridal gown everyone will be rocking.

Church weddings are ideal but would be for the baby boomers. Millennials think out of the box. They are not interesting in ordinary ideas. Millennials are looking beyond decorated tables and fancy reception. They are looking for unique, personalized wedding venues. Beach weddings, forest weddings without affecting the environment.

Doing more giving than receiving is the newest trend. Lately we’ve seen celebrities, brand ambassadors and ordinary beings asking for gifts they can donate when celebrating their special days. Wedding days are no different. Millenials are concerned about the society more than they are about themselves.