Mango Airlines inspires St Ansgar’s School children to reach new heights


As much as Mango is committed to passing savings on to its Guests, the low-cost airline also has no problem spending money on a worthy social initiative. One such initiative was a special hand-over to the St Ansgar’s Combined School. The school was gifted with items necessary to ease the workload of teachers and staff. This hand-over follows an initiative last year where a number of learners from the school were treated to a morning at Lanseria Airport.

Nic Vlok, acting CEO at Mango Airlines explains, “The moment the school children’s faces lit up as they stepped on-board a trademark orange Mango aircraft, Boeing 737-800, it became apparent that this was far more than a CSI initiative. It was an opportunity to give these children wings! And by that I mean, options for their future. For most, the fascinated and happy faces indicated it was their first time on an airplane so it was our opportunity to introduce the possibility of a career in the airline industry.

“The Mango and St Ansgar’s partnership will continue with more opportunities for the school to learn more about a career in the airline. In fact, we hope that for some learners it is just the beginning of a love affair with flying.” 

  • Acting CEO of Mango Airlines, Nic Vlok (R) gifts St Ansgar’s School who they work closely with in the Lanseria area

  • Benediction Zubane and Nic Vlok from Mango Airlines (L) with St Ansgar’s learners

  • Joining the assembly at St Asgar’s Combined School is the team at Mango to gift the teachers, staff, a