Lindt hot chocolate returns to Costa menu this Easter


Costa Coffee, the nation’s favourite coffee shop, is teaming up with master chocolatiers, Lindt, to bring back a delectable chocolate option just in time for Easter. The luxurious Lindt Hot Chocolate, a customer favourite from the 2016 Christmas menu, is available exclusively in Costa stores across the country from March 2017.

For those who missed it the first time around, the limited-edition drink offers a moment of pure chocolate bliss with a velvety consistency and delicious Lindt chocolate flavour. For an extra Easter treat, customers can accompany their hot chocolate with a small Lindt bunny for 50p.

This unique partnership means Costa Coffee is the only high street coffee shop where the Lindt Hot Chocolate is available.

Lindt hot chocolate
Lindt hot chocolate

Emma Dixon, Senior Beverage Innovation Manager, Costa Coffee said: “The exclusive Lindt Hot Chocolate perfectly complements our range of famous handcrafted coffees and what better time to bring it back into store than at Easter? We’re always looking to offer new taste experiences to our customers and we hope this Lindt Hot Chocolate is a welcome return for customers.”

Mary-Eve Rigley, Seasonal Marketing Manager, Lindt said: “As master chocolatiers, Costa’s master baristas are the perfect partners to serve our hot chocolate. Easter is a chocolate lover’s dream and we’re delighted to bring our Lindt Hot Chocolate to Costa customers.”

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