Cola Gets Cooler: Cape Cola Healthy and Refreshing

Cola Gets Cooler Cape Cola Healthy and Refreshing

What is the idea of Cape Cola?

The idea behind Cape Cola is to make a change by changing the most popular soft drink and turning it into a drink which is still refreshing but more than that, it is locally sourced, ethically produced and made from natural ingredients. It is Cape Cola’s vision to give something back to South Africa’s society.

Cape Cola is more than just a refreshing soft drink. The team has ambitious goals – of social and sustainable quality. Therefore, they have identified three core propositions for their Cola, activities, and vision.

Natural Flavour

Cape Cola consists of 98% natural ingredients. The 5 most important ingredients are real kola nut, lime, ginger, mate and for a special South African flavour, honeybush, giving you that unique flavoured taste of the cape.

Beyond that, Cape Cola leaves out certain ingredients such as phosphoric acid, anti-foaming agents, and preservatives. In their opinion, these ingredients are not beneficial and shouldn’t be part of our daily diet, nor part of any consumables. Moreover, each bottle of Cape Cola contains only 5 grams sugar.

Regional Rootedness

Local is lekker! In terms of this project, they want to be part of the “good hope“ of our cape. This means, they only work with local companies who stand out with their fair and social attitude towards their suppliers and employees.

Cape Cola’s partners include:

  • Parceval (manufacture of our unique tincture)
  • Fruition (wizard of our flavourful syrup)
  • Picardie (source of our high-quality springwater)
  • Patterson wine (adds the bubbles and fills the bottles)

Together with their partners it is their objective to give something back to South Africans.

Social Responsibility

It is very important for Cape Cola that as a company they take on the responsibility to tackle the imbalance of social instability by supporting local communities and social projects. Currently, they are looking into several options to do so but nothing has been finalized yet. Their focus is on education, protecting the environment and climate change, because they believe that these are the cornerstones to a brighter future for all of us. If Cape Cola can educate young people about sustainability and show them how to stand on their own feet, to elevate them to become the next generation who leads us into a better world without hate, racism, and injustice, then they feel that they have a real chance of doing much greater things. But in order to do this they have to start with themselves and critically ask themselves “Is what we do the right thing to do?” “We can’t leave it up to other to make the decisions for us”. They want to make a real impact on the present and the future and Cape Cola is the platform for this.

All this in mind: With each bottle sold, Cape Cola will use a certain percentage of it to contribute towards a good cause.

Moving Forward to reach their vision: crowdfunding

Now it’s up to everyone, the crowd, to give them more feedback! They are running a crowdfunding campaign with Thundafund in order to take the next step and to reach their goals.


Tipping Point:

With this amount (R40 000) Cape Cola can buy much needed new syrup and urgently required new bottles. They would be able to operate more efficiently and cost effectively and ensure that they can strengthen their partnerships with their current suppliers and most importantly bring Cape Cola to everyone!

Dream funding goal:

With this amount (R180 000) Cape Cola can develop a recycling system:

Sustainable thinking to sustainability – It is one of their visions to implement a professional recycling system. Currently they are picking up used bottles from their distribution partners whenever possible but they need a professional process to become more sustainable and have a more efficient recycling system.

Over and above:

And if they exceed their dream goal, They could achieve the following future goals for their companies.

…redesign the bottles:

From a paper label to printed bottles – They would like to reduce their corporate carbon footprint by completely eliminating the use of paper on their production line. This means that they will need to print their design and all the necessary information directly onto the bottles which in turn, makes the bottles more expensive and they are required to order a bigger number of bottles.

…create new flavours:

From one Cola to several beverages – They are very proud of their Cola but it is clear that there are some people who don’t like Cola. Therefore, Cape Cola would like to create new flavours to reach more people who would like to be refreshed by the Fair Taste.

…extend the core team:

From leisure time to full time – Currently Lasse is working on his Cape Cola vision in his personal capacity in addition to his full-time job. However, as the product and the supplier list grows the need to hire an employee is becoming inevitable. They will hire an employee to support them and market the product on a more professional basis.

…improve our logistics:

From a single route of transport to efficient logistics – Their partners are all located in Stellenbosch/Paarl. For now this works but as the orders of Cape Cola become larger it is going to be inevitable for them to have their own storage nearby to ensure that the logistics are more efficient and therefore more cost- and eco-friendly.

The campaign has many exciting rewards on offer in exchange for the money that they are trying to raise through These rewards range from Cape Cola merchandise to weekend Cape Cola hampers.