An Oklahoma Carpet Store Channels Classic Seinfeld on This #TBT Billboard


Is he sponge worthy?

Bart Brewer, the COO and pitchman for Oklahoma City’s Floor Trader stores, riffs on Seinfeld’s “timeless art of seduction” bit in a throwback Thursday billboard from Insight Creative Group.

On the show, George Costanza stripped down to his shorts and socks, striking provocative poses for some snapshots designed to “impress” a clerk at the photo store. (This was pre-smartphone 1996, when humans still lived in caves and got film developed at the mall.)

Fast forward 20 years, and Brewer recreates Costanza’s pose, sporting a blue Floor Trader polo shirt and khakis, with carpet samples nearby, plus the headline, “The Timeless Art of Savings.”

Alas, the shirt’s not puffy, but the image is certainly memorable, and Brewer was a good sport to participate.

“Bart is used to ICG pitching him a lot of crazy ideas, and he usually is up for the challenge,” says agency partner Rusty Duncan. “He’s been in adult onesies, green-screen suits, on a bicycle, acting as a drill sergeant, and confusing trick-or-treaters with flooring samples instead of candy.”

Hmm, this agency sounds abusive. Maybe it’s time to put the account in review?

Anyway, the billboard stunt is getting plenty of attention on social media and in the mainstream press, yada yada.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the reaction. People are talking about it, so they’re talking about Floor Trader,” says Duncan. “Bart’s willingness to be bold has paid off, creating a fun campaign that’s going viral.”

Just goes to show, Sign-feldian humor never gets old.

Now, let’s all sing the Floor Trader song: