Amstel Launches Thrilling ‘The Pursuit’ TVC


Amstel Lager recently unveiled a fresh new campaign with the release of a new television commercial, titled ‘The Pursuit’.

Conceptualised by Y&R SA’s Johannesburg office and produced by Bomb Commercials under director Teboho Mahlatsi,‘The Pursuit’, is based on the simple insight that we make better decisions when we slow down to ponder our choices. Set on a rooftop bar in Braamfontein, the hero of the story considers and rejects the usual choice and embarks on a relentless adventure to get his hands on a bottle of Amstel. Through his actions, he illustrates that The Only Choice is Slow Brewed Extra Matured.

According to Mahlatsi, the depth of character of the humble protagonist resonated with him as a director. “The hero is three-dimensional and has a passionate soul. He takes, but also gives back – and the universe favours him. His style and class also contrasts well with the gritty city location,” he comments.

‘The Pursuit’ is embedded in a broader 360 campaign rolled out in conjunction with Y&R SA digital counterpart, NATIVE VML, as part of the larger VML and Y&R Africa Group. Jacque Matthee, Integrated Executive Creative Director at Y&R South Africa’s Johannesburg office, notes that the melting pot of various spaces, places, agency partners and an ambitious client brief culminated in an end result that challenges the beer advertising mould. Graham Lang, Chief Creative Officer of Y&R also weighs in; “we have started Amstel on a new journey and could only have done so in the true spirit of partnership with an ambitious client brief that set out to challenge the category.”

Khaya Dlanga, Amstel Marketing manager concludes: “Amstel boasts with a rich heritage since it defined the local premium beer market in the sixties. I believe that our newest campaign is one of those rare projects where the stars align and a great brand and fantastic agency come together to serve both a product and creativity.”