5 Cool social media platforms you should love


You have probably found yourself asking why you must always update Facebook or whatsapp or what makes the new update different from the previous one. The following will update you on some of the trending social media applications.

Fuji instax mini

If you have found yourself fantasizing about having a copy of that perfect selfie you last posted on instagram then your dream has become a reality. Instax has replaced the need to pay photographer (not completely, you will still want those amazing shots by professional photographers) but then again one can’t help but be excited that Instax now gives you the opportunity to be your own photographer. The app is an instant still camera marketed by Fujifilm, if you have used a Polaroid before or currently using it this might not be new however Fuji has come up with a mini camera that allows you to take snapshots, and use insta-frames to be creative with your pictures. What is exciting or rather amazing about this application is that you favourite room can be the same as your instagram profile. All thanks to insta-frame and fuji instax mini.


Tumblr is an application that lets you share anything. From text, music, video, photos etc. now what has been trending and interesting is that just like Facebook, you will be able to broadcast live videos directly to your followers and directly to your dashboard. You can post live videos through youtube, younow, and upclose. For the videos to reach a larger audience they can be reblogged.


Social shopping app for all those people who are fashion addicts, derived from the phrase want, need, love. If you have ever asked a girl walking down the road where she bought beautiful handbag and she acted like she forgot. It could have been on Wanelo, the application features millions of products from all brands imagined.


You might have heard people say before I take a pic, I need good lighting, a phone with a front camera that has good quality. Like that is not enough reason to put you under pressure to buy an expensive smartphone with an amazing camera and good features. Shots is a smartphone application that lets you capture images or videos through the front-facing camera, which gets shared with other shots users. Unlike instagram or other social media applications you cannot comment on the photos because the developers are concerned about cyberbullying, moreover there is a private chat feature built in that you can use to chat to friends.