4 Reasons Why Addressable TV Advertising Is Growing Rapidly


A new generation of targeting technologies is bringing the data-driven, real-time models of digital to TV, making it possible to reach specific audiences and improve the efficiency and impact of brands’ ad spending. 

To get a clearer understanding of advertiser attitudes toward these emerging TV ad technologies, Adweek BrandShare conducted a survey on behalf of AT&T AdWorks in February and March of this year. We asked U.S. media buyers and brand marketers what challenges they face in making their TV media choices. We’ve tried to gauge how likely they are to adopt solutions such as addressable TV and programmatic TV in a new report based on our findings, “The Time for Targeted TV.”

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Here are a few of the reasons why it’s time for brands and marketers to transition to addressable TV:

1. There’s a lot of frustration over TV’s current targeting abilities
According to our survey, 8 out of 10 marketers and media buyers say they’re unable to target their TV buys as precisely as they’d like. What’s more, about two-thirds of them believe there’s too much waste in TV ad buying.

2. There’s a strong desire to try addressable TV
Nearly 60 percent of advertisers are either using or plan to use addressable TV in the next year, and nearly 70 percent plan to use programmatic TV, according to our survey. They see more precise targeting and a lack of wasted impressions as two of addressable TVs biggest benefits.

3. The focus is on ROI, not CPMs
Nearly three-fourths of marketers and media buyers are willing to pay higher CPMs to target more effectively.

4. There’s interest in extending addressable targeting across screens
More than two-thirds of survey respondents would like to extend addressable TV targeting across different devices and platforms.

While U.S. advertisers are frustrated by traditional TV’s inability to match digital’s pinpoint targeting accuracy, they are turning to emerging TV technologies such as addressable TV to minimize waste and improve the efficiency of their TV media buys. The days of waste in TV buying and unreliable attribution systems may be over.

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